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Why are my headlights Cloudy/Yellow?

At Dominion Auto Detailing we've studied the most accurate materials available to help our customers have a full understanding about their vehicles. In this particular area of headlight restoration, accurate information is VERY scarce. Keep reading to become fully informed.

Modern headlight lenses are constructed from a rigid, and resilient polycarbonate material that offers superior qualities when compared to older glass headlight housings. Poly's main shortfall, as many of you know and have experienced, is that it is inevitably prone to yellowing, and getting cloudy (oxidizing) with the passage of time. All polycarbonate headlight lenses in the last 20-25 years come from the manufacturer with a UV blocking clear coat to stave off this corrosion for as long as possible. As the car ages and is exposed to damaging UV from the sun, the protective coating fails typically in the 5-10 year time frame, and the unprotected polycarbonate will begin to Yellow, oxidize, and turn cloudy as a result. 

What sets you apart from a $20 headlight restoration kit?

Being the ONLY service-based business that we can find offering a comprehensive warranty on our headlight restorations, we have full confidence that our restorations last far longer than any of our competition. The main short coming with our competitors and generic restoration kits, is that they lack a complete understanding of the process unfolding when a headlight corrodes, as well as the proper steps required to remedy the problem long term. This in turn leads to an incomplete restoration of the lense, and inadequate long term protection, causing the yellowing to return quickly and in the worst cases immediately. When you choose us to restore your headlights, you can be confident that the corroded layer will be entirely stripped off, and a virgin layer of polycarbonate that has never encountered corrosion will be exposed and subsequently protected with proper protection designed just for modern headlights. We guarantee high-level corrosion resistance for a minumum of 2-3 years with a warranty depending on the service package you choose. 

Do I really need to have my headlights restored? What if I don't care about the ugly appearance? 

It isn't understating it to say that it's downright dangerous to drive with yellow, oxidized headlights. This poor headlight condition drastically reduces the brightness of your headlights, and can put you in dangerous night time driving situations. Did you know that vehicles will not pass certain state inspections if the headlights are not of a certain quality? We can't recommend enough for your safety as a driver that you properly maintain your headlights. Let us help you keep driving safely!


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