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"Absolutely incredible service! I love having my car cleaned while I was working and coming out and getting into a nice clean car. Everyone should try it!"

Shannon Carter 

28 weeks ago

"We have a baby on the way, so I wanted my car detailed before installing our car seat. His services exceeded my expectations! Not only is my car immaculately clean, he was very professional and really took his time. Not to mention he was not feeling well and it was very hot outside. He did not let that affect his quality of work. He truly goes above and beyond. Trust me when I say it is worth every penny! You will not be disappointed!"

Lara Hatfield 

17 weeks ago

"DC recently detailed my 2021 GMC Yukon Denali in the driveway of my home. He is the best detailer I have ever known!!! DC's products are high end, his prices are reasonable, and he literally cleans every nook and cranny of a car. He also travels up to an hour away. So happy I found Dominion Auto Detailing. DC will be my detailer for life!!!"

John Combs

27 weeks ago

This young man stopped by my work one day to tell me about his mobile detailing business. I usually detail my own vehicles. I gave him a try and he did not disappoint. His work is top notch and Concours worthy. Exceptional work. He now will be detailing & maintaining all of our vehicles.

So give DC a shot. You will not be disappointed.

Andrew Carrera

20 weeks ago

My car hit a skunk and was sprayed. I reached out to DC that night and he was able to come spray the cars undercarriage several times and give it a complete exterior detail the next afternoon. He was thorough, professional and did a fantastic job. If your in the London area and need auto detailing or ceramic coating, DC is your guy. 

Mason Mariani

 8 weeks ago

Outstanding service. My vehicle is as clean as the day I bought it. Excellent service, courteous, and I didn’t have to worry about dropping my car off or picking it up. Extremely professional and meticulous. Highly recommend and will continue to use Dominion detailing.

Mallory Johnson

1 year ago


Interior Services

We know the power of a clean interior.  This causes a shift in your entire flow!


Nobody feels amazing about getting into a car with a trashed interior.  But life is busy, and we know that keeping up the inside of your vehicle can fall to the bottom of your priority list.  We’ve seen the worst of it!


Getting into an immaculate, spotless vehicle before heading off to work can propel you forward with confidence in ways that few situations can. 


We employ a wide range of strategies to restore and breathe life back into interiors of all fashions. Contact us for results that inject fresh confidence in your daily routine!

Exterior Services

Whether it's a show car, or a daily driver, presentation is valuable. 

An airline businessman once told me that when he was hiring people for his commercial jet maintenance company,  he would walk potential employees back to their cars and make small talk after interviews.  Unbeknownst to them,  if their cars were dirty, this business man wouldn't consider them any further for the position.

Our offerings at Dominion will ensure you stand out above the rest 100% of the time! 

Dominion Auto Detailing uses cutting edge products, along with the tried and true products, that are guaranteed to bring out the highest level of gloss and clarity from your vehicle’s finish.


We understand the deep value that a boat represents to her owner compared to traditional assets like cars and trucks. At Dominion we raise the standard of care and maintanaince to match this level of value! 

You can rest assured that we will care for your boat like it is our own. We spare no steps and cut no corners in perfecting all surfaces. 

We implement products that offer maximum protection from oxidation and UV damage for your gel coat and vinyl surfaces.

Because Our business is completely mobile, you never have to lift a finger for your boat to be detailed. Wether on a trailer, or docked at the marina, we achieve the same results!

Enjoy your next lake day with a sense of dignity as a result of marine perfection from Dominion Auto Detailing! Contact us for a quote below!



Our interior only service is uniquely designed for the individual that highly values the condition & preservation of their vehicle interior. For this offering, we are hitting the reset button on every facet of your interior! We bring all the tools and products necessary to restore your interior to a pristine condition, and protect/condition all surfaces going forwards!


Price will vary with the size and condition of the vehicle


Small Vehicles: $195


Small SUV’s (5 seats): $245


Trucks: $245


Large SUV’s (Vans, 3rd row): $295

A glorious combination of ELITE detailing expertise and YOU reap all of the benefits! If there is a restart button for your entire vehicle, this is it! We combine a high level of understanding and experience for a myriad of different detailing scenarios in this all encompassing offering. Not only will every surface inside and out be cleaned to the highest degree, every surface inside and out will receive protection for the path ahead!


Price will vary with the size and condition of the vehicle


Small Vehicles: $245


Small SUV’s (5 seats), Small Trucks: $295


Large SUV’s & Trucks (Vans, 3rd row): $365

Our  carefully thought out exterior detailing process shines on every vehicle we care for! This is no scratch and swirl inducing tunnel car wash, this is premium paint care. We take every precaution to ensure the safest methods in restoring a nice clean finish to your vehicle's paint work while leaving a layer of protection behind for the road ahead!


Price will vary with the size and condition of the vehicle


Small Vehicles: $70


Small SUV’s (5 seats): $80


Large SUV’s & Trucks (Vans, 3rd row): $100


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